Level IV

Veteran Producer

Most of the time, these producers are currently in the business making concrete products and are looking to grow and expand the company by adding an additional operation. They focus on making concrete products cost effectively.

Veteran Producer

If they have not been in the manufacturing business prior, they have a grasp on where the sales will come from prior to opening the operation. Level 4 is similar to an average concrete block producer within the USA. They understand that systems, procedures, and good preventative maintenance programs are vital to their success in operating a profitable operation using concrete block making machines.

Your concrete block making production plant would include a concrete mixer that would be charged with sand, gravel, and cement by inexpensive labor and would include a concrete block machine that you could produce the following production listed below.

Production in 8 Hours
Up to 21,600 units per day
Up to 13,000 units per day
Paving Stones
Up to 7,680 sq ft per day

Are you ready to get started making profits and growing your business?

  1. You need to determine the exact sizes and shapes of products and then e-mail the information to me, Bill Fleming.
  2. You will need to tell me what country you are planning to install and operate the equipment and when you plan to have the concrete block making machinery producing concrete products.
  3. You will need to send me information about the amount of land you have allocated to house the operation, along with a sketch or blueprint of the building that the machinery will be located.
  4. Don’t forget to include the height of the ceiling in the building.

Are you ready to get the answers? Then please send an e-mail with your questions or call 913-766-1025.

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