Level V

Advanced Professional

Level V Block MachineThis is the most serious level of concrete block making machine equipment systems. Companies are striving to produce the highest quality concrete product, at the highest profit and low unit cost. Plant designs normally incorporate all new concrete block making equipment, and the building is designed around the concrete manufacturing equipment for highest efficiencies.

Normally, you would have been in business for many years before researching this level; however, some startups do exist. If previously not in the concrete block industry, experienced staffing is vital to the success and production requirements. This type of producer is normally very strong in marketing and equally skilled in having totally automated manufacturing systems, processes, and procedures at all levels.

All aspects of the concrete mixing and batching, concrete block making equipment, and concrete product palletizing processes are automatic.

The production plant would include an automated concrete batch plant and concrete mixer that would be charged with sand, gravel, and cement. The concrete block making machine would produce the following outputs listed below.

Production in 8 Hours
Up to 31,500 units per day
Up to 27,000 units per day
Paving Stones
Up to 28,000 sq ft per day

Are you ready to get started making profits and growing your business?

  1. You will need to determine the exact sizes and shapes of products and then e-mail the information to Bill Fleming.
  2. Make sure you have dimensional information about the amount of land you have allocated for the block operation. It will also help to send a sketch or blueprint of the building that will house the block making machinery.
  3. Don't forget to include the height of the ceiling in the building.

If you need help determining if your building is large enough, e-mail your questions to Bill Fleming or simply call me at 913-766-1025.

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