Level I

Small Economy Startup Operations

Producers are generally first-time individuals and buyers that are challenged and confused in knowing how concrete wet cast slabs and veneer stone products are made. Oftentimes, they don’t know much about the quantity nor the exact types and sizes of building blocks or pavers they want to produce per day.Most are looking to just get started in the industry to see if their ideas and products will be as exciting in the market as they believe. In addition, most will have a limited budget to get started with in buying molds and wet cast slabs and veneer stone equipment. They need help to understand all the true costs it takes to get started in the concrete products industry. Many times, labor in their market area is very affordable. Money for the investment is normally paid individually by them, so getting started as affordable as possible is very important.

CWL Single Screw Doser and CWL Euro Doser with vibration table

Your production plant would include a concrete mixer that would be charged with sand, gravel, and cement by inexpensive labor and would include a wet cast slab or veneer stone machine that can produce the following outputs listed below.

Production in 8 Hours
200 units per day
Veneer Stone
200 sq. ft.


Ready to learn more?

Just send me an e-mail or pick up the phone and call me, Bill Fleming, at 913-766-1025. I will get back in contact with you within 48 hours.

  1. You need to determine the exact sizes and shapes of products and e-mail the information to me.
  2. You will need to tell me what country you are planning to install and operate the equipment.

Level 1

Economy Start Up

Level 2

Start Up Plant

Level 3

Production Plant

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Level 5