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Concrete Mix Designs and Additives

National Concrete Web Resource - Join the concrete industry’s largest site of concrete block producers, contractors, and paving stone consultants. Find concrete block making machines and equipment, admixture suppliers, buyers guides, and how-to tips—plus find concrete block admixtures fast!      

Concrete Mix Design Expert -  We are a full-service provider of additives for enhancing concrete mixes for such products as concrete building blocks, pavers, retaining wall stone, and wet cast and precast items. We will custom design a mix designed to fit production of your concrete block machine and mixing and batching operation.

Cement Supplier for Concrete Products - Lehigh Cement Company and their associated companies are a leading manufacturer of cement and construction materials in North America. Cement products are sold into concrete block making plants, precast, pre-stress, and architectural cast stone markets.

National Liquid Color Supplier - Manufacturer of both liquid and power pigments used in coloring concrete building blocks, pavers, and all types of concrete ready mix and wet cast slab products.

Color Powder Supplier - Manufacturer of powder pigments to color concrete building blocks, pavers, and all types of concrete ready mix and wet cast products. All the pigments can be easily integrated in any concrete mixing and batching equipment setup.

Create Your Own Rubber Concrete Molds - Looking to create your own patterns and rubber molds to manufacture your concrete wet cast slabs and architectural veneer stone? We manufacture the most complete and versatile lines of liquid mold rubber, casting resin, and other specialty molding and casting compounds.

Concrete Mix Designers - Concrete admix supplier and manufacturer of additives for enhancing your concrete building block and paving stone mixes. Admixes can save you money by using less cement and making better quality concrete building blocks, pavers, retaining wall stone, and wet cast patio stone and cast stone precast products. You can have a custom design—a mix design formulated to fit production of your existing, new, or used concrete block making machine.

Online Concrete Block and Paver Installer Network - Find construction and home improvements project leads and suppliers nationwide. We have available information online about most concrete-related products, such as concrete building blocks, interlocking pavers, and retaining walls.

World Wide Supplier of Pigment and Granular Colors - Manufacturer of granular pigments in coloring concrete building blocks, pavers, and all types of concrete ready mix and wet cast . All the pigments can be easily integrated in any concrete mixing and batching equipment setup.


Product Producers

This section contains makers of concrete building block, interlocking pavers, concrete wet cast, and concrete precast products.

Concrete Wet Cast Slab Producer - High value-added wet cast landscape slab producer of wet cast concrete slabs and concrete walling. Products are made of concrete but look like natural stone to achieve outstanding profits.

Concrete Wet Cast Slab Producer in United Kingdom – Manufacturer of a selection of very unique concrete wet cast slabs, concrete pavers, and patio products.

Concrete Patio Stone Producer - Concrete patio block and wet cast stone producer who manufactures landscape wet cast slabs and edgings.

Concrete Products Producer - In England, we are producing a wide variety of products ranging from concrete wet cast slabs, walling stones, and concrete landscape edgings.

Leading Wet Cast Slab and Concrete Paver Producer in UK - One of our many wet cast stone producers in the UK; we produce a wide variety of products for both the dealer network and the large chain box stores.

Architectural Cast Stone Veneer - We have been manufacturing and designing concrete architectural stone veneer products for over 30 years, making concrete look like natural stone.

Value-added Wet Cast Stone Producer - Leader as a manufacturer of concrete wet cast slabs and edgers sold throughout the concrete landscape industry.

Mortarless Retaining Walls  One of the first mortarless retaining walls systems - Risi Stone is a unique concrete retaining wall system that can be used in most retaining wall situations. Products are manufactured on concrete block making machines for high production output levels.

Value-added Wet Cast Stone Producer - Containing the world’s most comprehensive collection of fine concrete garden and landscape ornaments, fireplaces, and architectural cast stone items.

Learn the Concrete Landscape Industry Online - We are known as the premier portal to the concrete block, pavers, retaining walls, wet cast slab, and veneer stone industry.

Successful Concrete Block Producer - Learn from one of the premier building block machine equipment users in the country. We have various locations in the USA making concrete building blocks, concrete pavers, and architectural stone veneer products. We have multiple concrete block making machine plants located throughout the western USA.

Concrete Products Bench and Architectural Concrete Producer - Our precast O-ring stools, tables, and benches are assembled by simply stacking the component parts.

Build 10 Times Faster Using Mortarless Concrete Building Blocks -  Ready to use a concrete building block that can be laid up to ten times faster than conventional building blocks? Systems for manufacturing the blocks are unique and recently utilized a portable concrete block making machine that is totally mobile.

Brick and Concrete Building Blocks Producer – Home buyers have trusted Acme Brick to add unsurpassed beauty and lasting value to their homes. We also manufacture concrete building blocks in many of our operations and are dedicated to the concrete block making industry.

Worldwide Recognition of Superior Landscape Products - Recombine’s latest product designs have spurred worldwide recognition and creative design and potential profits for concrete block equipment users and paving stone producers.

Florida Concrete Producer that Soars in Growth -  For us, the concrete products segment is engaged in production and sale of ready mix concrete, concrete building block, and pre-stressed and precast concrete, as well as sales of other building materials.

Innovative Block Comes into Texas Market - Manufacturer of high quality concrete building block units. Innovative Block is using their new concrete block making equipment to expand into the concrete paver markets, making high strength concrete paving stones and retaining wall units.

Value-added Wet Cast Stone Producer - We produce the following high strength, precast concrete products for over 30 years: classic wall caps, various concrete pavers for ground, deck, or roof applications and classic step treads.

Concrete Fencing that Looks like Wood - Concrete fencing and concrete brick are both sold in mass amounts throughout the concrete industry. We have been successful in utilizing used concrete block machines to reach our goals in brick production.

Value-added Concrete Building Block - Our Dry-Stack Block is a revolutionary mortarless construction system produced on concrete building block machines. The building block system is cost effective and efficient. The advantage of Dry-Stack Block rests within its design and requires no skilled labor to install and lay the building blocks.

Concrete Stone Veneer with Multiple Textures - Leader as a concrete producer of high quality architectural veneer stone products displaying a wide variety of concrete colors, shapes, and textures.

One Retaining Wall Stone Fits All Applications - Explore our unique concrete retaining wall system that is affordable. Units can be made on either new or used concrete block making machines.

Retaining Wall System since 1987 - VERSA-LOK has been creating> "Solid Solutions™" for architects, engineers, contractors, and homeowners since 1987. VERSA-LOK systems are the original solid, pinned concrete segmental retaining walls (SRWs).

Midwest Leader Expands into New Markets - Wisconsin Brick & Block is the premiere concrete building block, paver, pre-stress, and concrete architectural stone veneer supplier in the Midwest.

Utility Concrete Products Producer - Willow Creek Concrete Products has been perfecting the art of concrete production for more than 50 years. Our formula for success is a combination of state-of-the-art concrete mixing and batching equipment, a highly skilled and experienced production team, and durable Minnesota granite aggregates.

5th Generation Specialty Producer of Concrete Wet Cast Slabs - The number of concrete products has grown to over 500. Using our unique concrete mixing and batching equipment, we have also introduced the Blue Mountain Stone Product line. Blue Mountain Stone is an affordable substitute of natural Pennsylvania Blue Stone.

Explore the Videos of Concrete Block and Wet Cast Slab Production - Get more information about the latest advancements in concrete block making machines and slab making equipment for producing concrete  pavers, walling, and slabs. Watch some of the many systems we have available for dosing and handling freshly made concrete slabs and how to automatically palletize the final products.

Retaining Wall Leader - Keystone concrete retaining walls have set the worldwide standard for innovation and aesthetics in the concrete segmental retaining wall industry for nearly 30 years. All our products are made on used or new concrete block making machines and equipment.


Concrete Industry Trade Journals & Information

Concrete Equipment and International Resource Magazine – CPI, Concrete Plant International, is a resource to explore your needs for concrete building block equipment. CPI is also a great resource for mixing and batching equipment.

Concrete Products and Equipment Source Magazine - North American concrete products trade journal which discusses the manufacturing of concrete block, wet cast products, concrete pipe markets, and production methods. Concrete mixing and batching equipment are often highlighted articles.

Masonry Tech Magazine - This periodical covers every aspect of the mason contractor profession — includes concrete building block equipment and techniques and topics about building codes and standards.

Online Resource for Concrete Bids and Suppliers - Construction and Home Improvement Community Online helps you search the concrete block and precast industry producers and suppliers.

Building and Construction Resource on Finding Answers and Contractors  - Over 1,000,000 company display ads, listings, profiles in 560 industry classifications, including concrete block making machines and concrete mixing and batching equipment.

Patterned Concrete Supplier - We are the leader in the architectural concrete paving industry for over 50 years. We have a network of over 250 specially trained and licensed franchise partners in more than 70 countries worldwide to service your architectural concrete paving and wet cast flooring needs.

Monthly Magazine about Technological Concrete News - We delivery monthly news and up-to-date methods about concrete block and paving stone applications.

Contractors Journal – This journal for professional concrete contractors offers concrete solutions.

Precast Producers Magazine - An award-winning bi-monthly publication, MC Magazine features detailed articles about the latest industry technologies and developments, perspectives on current industry events, and profiles on leading precast concrete companies.

Cement Producer News - We offer free newsletters on buildings, concrete homes, concrete technology, masonry, pavements, sustainable development, waste treatment, and water resources.

Largest Concrete Construction Show in the USA  - The largest yearly trade show in North America that over 60,000 people attend focuses on all aspects of concrete building block, precast, and pre-stress industries and related concrete machinery.

Concrete Producer Magazine - This monthly magazine identifies exciting new and innovative concrete building products, helping building pros do their jobs better, faster, and smarter.


Concrete Associations and Institutions

Architectural Precast Association - The Architectural Precast Association services concrete producers and specifiers to better understand the methods and standards within the concrete architectural world.

Precast and Prestressed Concrete Association - Organizational site includes trade, technical, and public affairs information for precast/prestressed concrete producers and their clients.

American Concrete Institute - The American Concrete Institute (ACI) is a nonprofit technical and educational society organized in 1904 and is one of the world's leading authorities on concrete technology.

Concrete Home Building Council - The Concrete Home Building Council (CHBC) serves as NAHB’s cement-based building material resource for the residential, multifamily, and light commercial construction industries.      

International Masonry Institute - IMI provides concrete building block masonry craft training and technical assistance in design and construction, through a strategic alliance between the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craft workers (BAC) and their signatory contractors that promotes quality construction in all concrete building block masonry trades.

National Home Builders Association - NAHB is a trade association that helps promote the policies that make housing a national priority. Concrete building blocks are vital in the housing markets.

National Concrete Building Block Association is the recognized expert and primary source for information on concrete building block masonry and related products. Concrete retaining walls, concrete brick, and related concrete landscape pavers are a major focus of promotion. We have a wide variety of used and new concrete block making machine suppliers and concrete mixing and batching associate members to draw knowledge to increase your profits.

Concrete Burial Vault Association - We are the single source knowledge bank on all information to the manufacturing and specifying on concrete burial vaults.

National Concrete Precast Value Association - An international trade association, we represent manufacturers of plant-produced precast concrete products. Some of our members are companies that provide concrete block making equipment, supplies, and concrete mixing and batching services to producers.

Concrete Ready Association - Supports continued expansion and improvement of the ready mixed concrete industry through leadership, advocacy, professional development, promotion, and partnering. Every producer that is using a concrete mixing and batching plant in making ready mix concrete should join to grow and expand their business.

Concrete Tilt-up Association - We provide a focused education of the concrete manufacturing standards and installation methods used for concrete tilt-up panels.

American Concrete Pipe Association - The American Concrete Pipe Association (ACPA) is a nonprofit organization, composed primarily of manufacturers of concrete pipe and related conveyance concrete machines and products located throughout the United States.

Concrete Interlocking Paving Stone Institute - ICPI has many resources to assist design professionals in designing and specifying all types of segmental concrete paving, including interlocking concrete pavements, permeable interlocking concrete pavements, grid pavers, and concrete paving slabs.

American Institute of Architects - For 150 years, members of the American Institute of Architects have worked with concrete block producers to create more valuable, healthy, secure, and sustainable concrete buildings and cityscapes.

American Concrete Pavement Association - Discover the advantages of paving with concrete.

American Concrete Bridge Institute - The American Segmental Bridge Institute was incorporated in 1989 as a nonprofit organization to provide a forum where owners, designers, concrete constructors, and suppliers can meet to further refine current design, construction, and construction management procedures, and evolve new techniques that will advance the quality and use of concrete segmental bridges.

Learn where Bricks Sell the Most - Learn the latest trends, facts, and figures of the brick industry.

Learn the Concrete Industry Standards - Welcome to the leader in development of high quality standards and market-relevant concrete standards around the world. Details of concrete products standards are outlined in reference to the concrete block, paver, retaining wall, and concrete wet cast industries.

National Masonry Network Education - The National Concrete Masonry Instructors Association's mission is to develop collaborative partnership with the education community and business. Our role in the industry is to create awareness of the professionalism of the concrete building block masonry occupations by promoting quality masonry building block programs and keeping members informed of innovative trends and changing technology.


Concrete Block and Paver Machines Mold Makers

Concrete Paving Stone Machines - We were established in 1981 as a subsidiary of HESS MASCHINENFABRIK GERMANY. The name HESS is recognized around the world as a builder of concrete block making machines and concrete mixing and batching equipment.

Landscape Mold Builder - Advantage Plus is a producer of high quality, long-life molds, and concrete wet cast machinery to form ornamental concrete and decorative wet cast slabs. 

Insolate Concrete Block - We operate molding facilities in Massachusetts, Kentucky, and Utah to produce more than 32 different sizes of its primary product, Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) Insulation Inserts, which are sold only to concrete block manufacturers.

Automate Concrete Slabs & Veneer Stone Production – See concrete wet cast machinery in operation, and you will learn the labor savings to boost your profits and grow your business making wet cast slabs and architectural veneer stones.

Buy Wear Parts for Concrete Mixer Liners and Blades Direct - For over 70 years, Texaloy has been manufacturing wear parts for concrete building block mixers and concrete precast professionals. Shows concrete mixer parts replacements for such industry brands such as Besser and Fleming concrete mixers and mixer systems.

USA Concrete Building Block Machine Maker - Maker of concrete building block machines and concrete mixing and batch plants.  Design, construction, installation, financing, and personnel training for concrete production facilities. Products include concrete mixers, large production concrete block machines, coloring, concrete batching and mixing controls, and cement silos.

Concrete Block Machine Builder - Columbia Machine is a leading manufacturer of concrete products equipment. We have a wide range of products from concrete block making machines to concrete mixing and batching equipment. We build a complete line of concrete equipment to outfit your entire concrete building block and paving stone operation.

Steel Pallets for Building Block Machines - Welcome to the Pallet World. We are your dependable and experienced source for steel pallets and racks for the new or used concrete block making machine and concrete paver machines.

Portable Concrete Mixer Manufacturer - We are leaders in offering volumetric concrete mixers for your concrete batching and mixing equipment needs. Our company is 100% employee owned.

External Vibration Motors Used in the Concrete Industry - We are your one source for commercial and industrial vibrators for the concrete batching and mixing industry.

Concrete Veneer Stone Production Training - We offer molds and training for teaching you how to manufacture veneer stone that will enable you to produce beautiful concrete veneer stones and concrete slabs and be more functional than natural stone.

Concrete Mixer Manufacturer - A complete line of concrete mixers for any concrete veneer, concrete block, or small precast application.

Industrial External Vibrators - With years of experience in the concrete mixing and batching industry, we can help increase your profits by supplying the correct vibrators for your concrete batching and mixing operation.

Concrete Block and Slab Machine Maker - Manufacturer of concrete machinery and equipment systems to produce concrete building block, concrete slabs, and architectural cast stone units. We offer various concrete egg layer block machines and concrete building block equipment.

Pour and Mix Your Concrete on Demand - Our Company supplies a complete line of portable and concrete stationary mixers. Our concrete mixers are used in many various segments of the concrete precast, wet cast slab, and commercial ready mix industries for your concrete mixing and batching needs.


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