Concrete Mixing and Batching Producers:
Which Combinations of Concrete Mixing & Batching Equipment Will Provide the Best Quality and Gain You the Most Profits?

Get the answers you need to choose the right concrete batching & mixing equipment.

Consider the five parts it takes to put a concrete mixing & batch plant together: batching mixers, silos, aggregate bins, conveyors, and automation… lots of variations which can be endless. If you have ever found the options mind-boggling, then you are not alone. How do you pick the individual components and put them into a system that is right for you?

Mixing and Batching Plant
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“We are a small startup company and thanks to Bills easy access by phone, e-mail or in person and his Bills expert advice, we’ve gotten the answers we need to grow our company. Highly recommended.”

Peter Bezuidenhout, Jr.
President, Brick-Core Concrete products

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I can help you in your journey of finding the right concrete mixing and batching equipment within your budget that meets all your needs. All you have to do to get started is listed below.

#1 If you have any questions and need someone to help walk you through the process, use the following link, contact Bill Fleming, and tell me what questions you have and what problems you are trying to solve.

#2 You can also just pick up the phone, and we can discuss the concrete mixing and batching possibilities over the phone. Just dial 913-766-1025.  Global Machine Market is located in the Central Standard Time Zone of the USA.

#3 Click on any of the five links below to get started learning the types of concrete mixing and batching you need to help grow your business. Once you have researched the five links, you can also click on Used Mixing & Batching Equipment for a complete listing of used mixing & batching equipment.

Concrete Mixers

Cement Silos

Aggregate Bins


Concrete Mixing & Batching Automation Package Controls