Concrete Landscape, Cast Stone & Slab Producers:
Are you confused about how the highest strength slabs in the world are manufactured?

Get the answers you need to know in order to choose the correct slab and cast stone machine system!

Most people that are looking to produce high strength slabs are startups or established businesses that have a certain level of created sales demand. They know the market and where their sales will come from to grow their company. They want to have a concrete machinery system that will produce high quality texture and strength products with the least amount of labor to maximize profits.

Bill helped us design our product and bring it to market.”

“Bill is different from all the other sales guys just looking the quick sale. He is always out hustling and working hard for his clients to get them more business or network them with companies to help grow their business. He’s been a great to help to us.”

Paul Adam
President, Pyzique Wall Systems Inc.

Most users of the concrete slab and cast stone equipment are looking to produce high strength slabs in excess of 9000 PSI and possibly enter the market to create a high value-added product, such as ground face exposed aggregate or bush hammering techniques on the face of the slabs. Many producers use the systems for specialty products, including concrete cast stone, curbs, or roof slab paver products.

We could not begin to list all the equipment sizes and option sizes on the web site since it would make you more confused. You will notice below two different levels of equipment systems. The first machine named the Solomatic is a semi manual operation. The second machine called the Impacta is for fully automation concrete slab and concrete products production. The Level 4 operation can be designed with 100% automation for making and material handling of the products through curing and palletizing of the finished slabs.

Therefore, your task is to define which Level of concrete machinery system is required to help your company grow. With either system, you will need to determine the sizes of products you require and then contact me.

See below for the two levels of production machinery systems and output production levels. E-mail me with any of your questions or simply give me a call by dialing 913-766-1025.

Solomatic Concrete Slab Machine

Impacta Concrete Slab Machine