Concrete Block Makers & Precast & Ready Mix Producers:
Confused about how much automation is needed to keep your operation running without headaches?

Don't make the mistake of choosing a system based on how pretty the graphic display on the screen looks. It could cost you lost profits and confusion in operating your production.

KF Gen Bath 1 for two mixersYou can easily get confused looking at all the types of programs and graphic screens from automation companies. There are many considerations, such as service, backup support, level of accuracy, and ease of operating the automation system.

Are you ready to determine which level of automation is right for you with your concrete batching and mixing operation?

E-mail me with your questions, and I'll walk you through it. Use this link to get your answers:  contact Bill Fleming, with any questions. I’ll get in contact with you within 48 hours.

Standard Automation Package

You will want to explore two basic levels of automation to operate your concrete batching and mixing operation. We custom design the concrete batching and mixing software and controls to your specific needs.

Will your operation require State Certification and recording of and materials weighed, mixed and produced?

If so, you will want the Level 2 operation. That will do it all! To learn more about certification standards in our industry contact me and I'll help you with all your needs.

The base system can be adapted to operate any equipment arrangement with up to 10 cements, 20 aggregates, 10 admixes, multiple scales, two concrete mixers, and concrete block making machine feed from four surge hoppers under the concrete mixers.

In addition, the system can control color machines, aggregate receiving, dust collection, and any other batch plant related functions.

Batch plant motor starters/drives and power disconnect can be integrated into the batch panel.

Systems are packaged in various types and sizes of enclosures (wall-mount, floor-stand, or console), depending on the site requirements for your concrete batching and mixing operation.

KF control inside cabinet wiringA hard-wired manual interface enables operation of all the system equipment by pushbuttons and switches bypassing the automation for maintenance or recovery.

All the process tools for production of a wet or dry mix concrete are built in.

Ethernet communication from the PC and PLC to the plant LAN enables remote access for report generation from a network computer and service access via the Internet.

The powerful and easy-to-use Windows application program has a main monitoring screen with pop-up windows to access system functions. We widely use our systems in many applications. To see examples of where our programming skills are used contact me.

We use 3D graphics representing the system equipment change colors to show the system status at a glance (gray-not busy, green-in process, yellow-process done, purple-discharging, red-alarm condition).

Numeric tables show target and actual amounts of all materials in scaling, mixing, and discharged.

Any conditions which affect quality or production are alarmed on the screen.

Right click on the equipment graphic to view and edit configurable settings for the equipment operation. Password security access to individual settings is set up by the administrator.

Unlimited base mix designs can be created, edited, saved, and loaded for auto operation. Mixes are set up as a unit size (i.e. one cubic yard), and all target materials are scaled when the batch size is specified at loading for batching.

For concrete batching and mixing systems with a color machine, color mix designs are created and attached to the base mix designs. Color batching is controlled by the system directly or by communication with the color machine controller, so separate setup of the color machine is not required.

For systems making variegated color product, product mixes are created, saved, and loaded, which include up to four different mixes and instructions for feeding mud from surge hoppers to the block/paver machine.

Totally flexible mixer charge and mix sequences are set up by time and monitored on a graphical window.

The expected start and finish times of each charge event (aggregates, cements, admixes, initial/prewet/final waters) are set by dragging the event bars with the mouse.

The initiation and interlocking of charge events and the mixing time between them are triggered by the mix cycle timer that is viewed as a moving vertical line on the mix sequence window.

Status of each of the charge events is viewed as a color of the event bar.

Up to five different mixer charge sequences can be set up and attached to mix designs for your concrete batching and mixing operation.

Machine feeding instructions for variegated products by time is also set up on a graphical window. The actual colors of the mixes are shown with an indicator of the current time.

Comprehensive Hydronix bin and mixer probe calibration is managed by a window.  A best-fit calibration is made from moisture sample data taken over time and entered into the database for each probe. If you are considering used equipment be sure to visit our equipment for sale for a complete listing of batching and control systems.

The sample data points, the calibration line, and the current probe moisture measurement are shown graphically on the window.

History data for every batch discharged from a mixer is automatically saved to a database. This data is viewed at the reporting window.  Production and materials-used reports for sets of batches (by time/date, destination, or mix/product) can be initiated to the screen or printer.

A reporting-only version can be loaded onto any network PC to remotely view the history data and generate reports.

report version

Global system for large building block plant packaged in a floor-stand enclosure with integrated motor controls and color machine controls.

integrated motor controls

Concrete batching and mixing control system for a high production precast plant packaged in a console.

precast plant

Concrete batching and mixing operation system for a high production precast plant packaged in a console.

Main screen showing system status with data and colors for a concrete batching and mixing operation.

Configuration settings window

Concrete mix design window

Batch download window

Concrete Mixer sequence window

Hydronix probe calibration window for concrete batching and mixing operation

Reporting window

E-mail me with your questions, and I'll walk you through which level of automation you will need for your operation. I’ll get in contact with you within 48 hours.