Concrete Landscape & Veneer Stone Producers:
Choosing a concrete wet cast slab and architectural veneer machine system is like choosing a car to purchase.

Get the answers you need to know in order to choose the correct slab and veneer stone equipment!

Like the car industry, there are many types and sizes of concrete wet cast machine systems that you can choose from. You will find some machines make specific products at high production levels, while smaller systems might be more suited for making a wide variety of products such as pavers, concrete slabs, architectural veneers, landscape, retaining wall units, all in a single day.

“Bill helped us from ground zero to getting our production facility up and running.”

“When I started my concrete business what I knew about concrete production could be put on the head of a pin. Thanks to Billís help we made great strides in getting our plant running and making the connections to grow our business. Bill is a keeper in my book!”

Brian Reimers
All Star Concrete Products

Just like buying a car, if you just ask for the prices and a catalog of all the cars on the parking lot, it will leave you even more confused, unless you know what you want to make, along with how many units per day and at what level of investment you have in a budget.

Most cars can go down the road at 55 mph; however, maybe you need a car that can go 100 mph or 150 mph all day long. Perhaps you don’t need four seats and a large motor. Could a used or pre-owned car get you going down the road for the level of investment and needs for you? The same is true in choosing concrete wet cast and slab making machines.

We could not begin to list all the equipment and options on this web site; it would make you even more confused. Therefore, your task is to define which level of business you are looking to enter to grow your business.

If you need more help understanding which products are best suited to make on our concrete slab and veneer machines systems, simply e-mail me with your questions and challenges to contact Bill Fleming don't forget to include the type of products you want to make or pick up the phone and call me at 913-766-1025, so I can help you.

I refer to the concrete products, and concrete wet cast slab and veneer machines as having five Levels of Investment and Production. Review the levels below and determine which one you believe fits your needs, and we can begin to talk and focus your efforts on systems that make sense for your situation. Once you know which level makes the most sense for you, contact me by e-mail with your questions. Use this link to get your answers: contact Bill Fleming.

Level I- Small Economy Start Up

Level II- Medium Start Up Plant

Level III - Medium Production Plant

Level IV - Veteran Producer

Level V - Advanced Professional